Licensed Massage Therapists:

J.Daniel (Dan) Kelly        Mississippi #912  Louisiana #3666
Julia S. Kelly                   Mississippi #913  Louisiana #3665
Monya L. Young             Mississippi #1995

1/2 Hour                        $ 45
1 Hour                           $ 75
1 1/2 Hour                    $ 105
Raindrop Therapy              $ 95   
Add On Aromatherapy      $  5 per add on

Myofascial Release Therapy
1/2 Hour                           $60  
1 Hour                           $100
1 1/2 Hour                      $140

Combination Massage + Myofascial Release Therapy
1/2 Hour                         $50
1 Hour                            $85
      1 1/2 Hour                         $120          

Cancellation Policy
If you do not call to cancel your appointment and do not   
come, the next massage will be charged at 1.5             
times the price.       
Gift Certificates
This is the easiest and most appreciated gift you will          
ever buy!  Since we do not have a receptionist, please call
to arrange a pickup time, or we can make other
arrangements to accommodate you.


We use a combination of all the modalities and techniques
we have learned to tailor a massage just for you.  These
are some of the modalities we use:

Swedish Massage
For relaxation and improved tissue fluid circulation using a
combination of traditional slow, long muscle-depth strokes.

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy
Deep, steady pressure into very specific areas of tender taut
bands in muscle tissue for release so the muscle can return to its
full length and use.

Hot Stone Massage
Heavenly!  Deep, penetrating heat from natural basalt stones
combined with traditional Swedish massage.

Polarity works with the Human Energy Field, the  electromagnetic
patterns expressed in mental, emotional and physical experience.
Health is viewed as a reflection of the condition of the energy
field, and therapeutic methods are designed to balance the field
for health benefit.

Raindrop Therapy
Essential oils have been used and studied for centuries with
consistent results emerging over time. Seven oils and two blends
are used in this session which are chosen to promote balance
and spinal alignment from muscle relaxation.  First the oils are
used on the feet to reflex/refer the benefits to the spine.  Then a
series of techniques are used directly in the spinal area as the
organic essential oils are "rained" down upon the skin and
massaged in.

Myofascial Release (John Barnes Method)
Fascia is the connective tissue which runs around and through
and between every part of the human body in a continuous
sheet.  When restrictions occur in this material, function is
diminished or halted. A prolonged pressure into this tissue at the
restrictions can restore health and function, even in areas remote
to the treatment site. Due to the extra time and training required
for this modality, it is priced higher accordingly.  It is worth it.

Please use no lotion or liquid makeup before your appointment
and bring gym shorts or a two piece bathing suit just in case it is